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California Scholarship Federation (CSF)

CSF meets Thursdays during lunch in Room J-102.


  • California Scholarship Federation (CSF) is Piner High School's Honor Society where students must fulfill grade and course requirements for each semester they are members. Students, who are members for four semesters from their tenth to twelth grade years, including one semester during their senior year, become lifetime members of CSF. They receive a golden seal on their diploma and graduate with a golden tassel.
  • Students may join as inactive members. An inactive member is a student whose school obligations to academics, school, and family do not allow attendance at lunchtime meetings. CSF membership is based on a student's academic successes, not attending meetings. Get a membership form and pay your dues ($5) each semester to stay on the roster and to stay current.
  • Our Motto is "Service through Scholarship." In 2003-04, Piner High's CSF organized the first annual campus clean up and went to UC Berkeley for a campus tour. Last year, CSF planned and executed a trip to Stanford University and organized two community service projects.
  • This year our President is spear-heading, "Operation Military Kids" on campus. While America sends its heroes to keep our nation safe, many non-military familes are left to cope without a parent. This national project recognizes our kid-heroes. Join us to become a party of the outstanding 2010-11 project.


Scholarships and Awards:

THE SEYMOUR MEMORIAL AWARDS - The Seymour Memorial Awards are one of the most prestigious awards available for graduates of California high schools. To be eligible to nominate two candidates, starting with the 2005-06 school year, a chapter must be up to date with dues payments as of the previous June 30, and must have had their CSF Lists I, II, and III approved for the last two years. Whenever the chapter has an unusually superior Life Member(Sealbearer), the Advisor should nominate him and/or her as a candidate for the award. Information about this award is mailed to each chapter by the Chairperson of the Seymour Awards Commitee in early December. Please see your CSF Advisor if you are interested in being considered for this award.

SCHOLARSHIPS FOR LIFE MEMBERS (SEALBEARER) - Each year colleges and universities throughout the United States award scholarships to CSF Life Members (Sealbearers). The Advisor will encourage and assist interested Life Members in applying for these scholarships. Information is sent to all chapters by the Chairperson of Collegiate Relations in December. Please see your CSF Advisor if you are interested in being considered for these scholarships.