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Culinary Pathway


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Culinary students grill peppers.



Piner High School's Culinary Program shared the following recipe that they made at the 2012 Rose Parade Festival Culinary Competition ("Stark Reality Battle of the High School Chefs"):
Pork and Bok Choy Stuffed Pot Stickers


Piner's Pizza Oven

It made its debut at the 2012 PTSA Spring Beautification event. Upper left: Mr. Dilillo takes out the first pizza (pesto, tomato, basil and totally delicious!). Upper right: the fire is going good. Bottom left: a Piner Culinary student preps a pizza for a hungry volunteer. Bottom right: the final product.
• Video showing how Piner's wood oven was created.
Piner Pizza Oven



Piner High School Student Chefs took top prize at the 2011 "Chefs of Tomorrow" competition at Vintnerís Inn
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Piner High School Culinary Program featured in this 2010 Press Democrat article



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