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Physical Education Department


Suit Cut Policy
Mandatory Wednesday Make Up


Course Syllabus
Physical Education 1, 2 and Soccer
Spring Net Sports
Weight Training


The Physical Education program at Piner High School focuses on personal fitness, life long activities and a healthy lifestyle. Team, individual and non-traditional sports are a component with an emphasis on teamwork and cooperation. Both the first and second year courses have a written component that covers a variety of health and fitness topics. These students are required to keep a PE portfolio for all written work and assignments. Students in our program have the opportunity to use our Fitness Lab giving them the opportunity to learn how to properly use weight machines and different types of cardiovascular machines. Students in the PE 1 program are required to take the State Physical Fitness Test each year in the spring.

Our facilities include an all-weather track, artificial turf football/soccer field, fitness lab, heavy weight room, tennis courts, outdoor basketball area, softball and baseball fields, natural grass fields, gyms, and our own personal classroom.

Our elective classes are offered to those students who pass the first year of PE with a grade C or higher, unless otherwise approved by the instructor. These courses are sport specific and are semester long classes. The focus is on building better skills, learning new strategies and improving personal fitness. We offer Weight Training, Basketball, Soccer, Dance/Yoga and Net Sports.

Physical Education is a four semester/20 unit graduation requirement. We feel it is important to every student's well-being that they engage in exercise every day. It is the student's responsibility to dress for activity in the appropriate PE clothing daily to participate. Students will be warned the first time they do not dress, but thereafter, the student will be mandated to attend a Wednesday after school PE session to earn points back for their suit cut and loss of points. Students may attend these extra sessions for extra credit at any time during the school year.

Keep in mind that students who do not participate in class on any day due to various reasons, are not awarded points. If a student is ill for more than three days, a doctor's note is required. Students who are ill or injured for up to 4 or more weeks may be removed from the course.


Department Staff

Ernesto Aubin


UCSB: BA Spanish, BA Latin American & Iberian Studies.
Dominican University: Teaching Credential-Physical Education



  • PE 1
  • PE 2
  • Advanced Basketball
  • Advanced Soccer

Athletic Director:

  • Fall: Men's/Women's Soccer, Cross Country
  • Winter: Men's Basketball
  • Spring: Baseball, Track


  • JV Baseball
  Jon Jackson


The Oklahoma State University: BA
Sonoma State University: BA
Biola University: MA
Sonoma State University: Teaching Credential (Social Studies, Physical Education, Supplemental Biology)
State of California Junior College Teaching Credential



  • PE 1
  • PE 2
  • Weight Lifting


  • High School Wrestling
  • College Wrestling
Darlene Pepper


San Diego State University: B.S. Kinesiology
Sonoma State University: Secondary Teaching Credential



  • PE 1
  • PE 2
  • Dance
  • Net Sports


  • Women's Varsity Tennis
  • Women's Freshman Basketball
Natasha Thiele


Sonoma State University: BA Kinesiology
Sonoma State University: Teaching Credential (Physical Education)



  • PE 1


  • JV Girls Basketball