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Pathways and Programs:

• Culinary Pathway

• Early College Magnet Program

• Geospatial Technology Pathway (GTP)

• HSB Pathway

• University Pathway


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Science Department

Department Head: Mark Mantoani

Judy Barcelon


Cal Poly-SLO: BS Biology
Sonoma State Alumni: MS Biology, Teaching Credential


Unique or Advanced Classes:

  • Health Science Biotech Year III
  • Medical Biology

Specialized training/programs:

  • Common Core Training- Summer 2013
  • Curriculum consultant: CDC- Teacher Scholar, GSLC- Microbiome
  • Online Curriculum development: CATE (SRJC), Moodle

STEM goal: To provide students with critical thinking and research opportunities in health and medical science. I see my part to help link community resources to our Piner STEM pathway in the form of classroom speakers, student mentors and participants on our advisory & steering committees.

Steve Carpenter


M.S. Biology, Sonoma State University
B.S. Biological Science, University of the Pacific


Professional Development Highlights (Participant):

  • Modeling Physics, University of Arizona (10 weeks)
  • Exploratorium Teacher Institute (8 weeks)
  • Hands On Universe Project (12 weeks)
  • iiSME (Industry Initiates in Science, Math, and Engineering), 24 weeks

Professional Development Highlights (Leader/Teacher):

  • FLGS (Foundational Level General Science Teaching Credential Institute), Sonoma State University
  • MAST (Mississippi Academy for Science Teaching), Jackson State University
  • Hands On Universe, U.C. Berkeley
  • Modeling Physics, Arizona State University
Mike Converse


B.S. Earth Science, Central Michigan University
M.A. Education, National University


Unique or Advanced Classes:

  • 9th grade Physical/Earth Science

Specialized training/programs:

  • GATE (Gifted and Talented Education), UC Riverside
  • Sheltered Instruction Observation Protocol (SIOP)
  • National Board for Professional Teaching Standards Candidate

STEM goal: As a science teacher of primarily our freshmen population, I would like to introduce the value of technology as a means of making more precise observations and collecting data. This would, in turn assist our students in the critical thinking process necessary to further advance them as they continue their scientific path until graduation.

Dante De Paola


B.A. Human Biodynamics U.C. Berkeley
SSU Single Subject Credential - Science


Unique or Advanced Classes:

  • Health , Science and Biotechnology Year II - Anatomy / Physiology and Athletic Training
  • Project Make - Emphasis on Design and Engineering
  • Physics Make - Emphasis on physics and Engineering

Specialized training/programs:

  • Sheltered Educator for all 8 years of teaching career
  • Sheltered Instruction Observation Protocol (SIOP)
  • First MAKE Class in SRCS District

STEM goal: To expose young people to the vast opportunities that are found in the world of Science, Technology, Engineering and Math. It is my goal to create experiences in my classroom that, spawn creative thought, create the desire to discover and develop interests in higher education.

Kristi Erickson


B.S. Chemistry and Biology from North Dakota State University
SSU Credential Program and graduate classes in Molecular Biology


Unique or Advanced Classes:

  • AP Chemistry
  • Geographic Information Systems
  • 2 year Integrated physical science and biology project based course

Specialized training/programs:

  • Math/Science Fellow :Coalition of Essential Schools & Annenburg Institute for Reform
  • Educational Consultant training for school change through Brown University and NSF
  • On-going GIS course work at the SRJC
  • AP Chemistry Training at Pacific Institute Monterey Bay
  • Led and attended several workshops on ESL Vocabulary/Language Development

STEM goal: I wish to see us move away from covering a breadth of material in little depth to teaching less with a more meaningful approach. As a department, this means connecting our curriculum through real-world projects and incorporating the newest technologies/resources. Our current internship programs need to expand as we bring in more mentors/community members. My goal is for every senior to give a formal presentation to their peers and community members relating to a STEM based internship, research project or career exploration.
As a school, I would like to see strong curriculum connections made with our Math Department. Development of new courses that are science/engineering/math based such as Applied Trigonometry. As we move toward a STEM focus, we need to integrate GIS technologies into all disciplines across campus.

Kurt Kruger


UC Davis: Biological Science
SSSU Teaching Credential Program
GIS/Geospatial Technology Pathway Program Coordinator
PHS Technology Coordinator


Unique or Advanced Classes:

  • Space Science
  • Geographic Information Systems

Specialized training/programs:

  • Zero-G participant
  • Docent at Robert Ferguson Observatory (RFO)
  • CTE/ROP Instructor
  • StarLab Planetarium Enabled
  • SRJC/SCOE/PHS Engineering and GIS Steering Committee
  • GIS Pathway/Internship Program Coordinator
  • NASA/SSU S4 Experiment Design Program

STEM goal:

  1. Connecting higher education, feeder schools, business, and community to courses and students. Speakers, webinars, online collaboration; mentors/internships; professional training (student and instructor); and career education/exploration.
  2. Enhanced Standards Based STEM Curriculum supported by project, labs, experiential, and research opportunities; student internship and outreach opportunities; and science course collaboration and collaboration between disciplines.
  3. Elevate the curricular use of technology and systems to reflect modern day standards and career paths
  4. Pursue resources through industry partnerships and grants to provide ongoing up-to-date support, resources, and equipment.
  5. Spread the use of GIS, data analysis, and modeling to Science, Social Science, Government and Economics.
Mark Mantoani


UCSB graduate: BS Biopsychology


Unique or Advanced Classes:

  • Science Department Chair
  • AP Biology, Health Science/Biotech Year I

Specialized training/programs:

  • CAMEOS: Research based collaboration with UC Davis/Bodega Bay Marine Lab
  • 21st Century skills- Piner collaborative effort- summer 2013
  • Common Core Training-The Close Reading Classroom
  • Modeling Science (ASU) Trained
  • AP Biology-New Curriculum Trained
  • Aquatic Invertebrate Bioassessment Trained

STEM goal: As a science department, we are committed to providing students with better tools and strategies to learn about the natural world. Advancing technology at Piner, with a focus on data collection, will allow students better access to information, and help them better analyze and communicate information in the sciences. Curriculum that is more project-based will foster critical thinking and allow students to practice the scientific process.