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Social Studies Department


Areas of study: History, Government, and Economics


Department Head: Jeanelle French


Teachers: Andrea Correia, Florentino Garcia, Nicole Housh, Sandi Lacey, and Sharon Stevens


History Day 2011


History Day is a national competition held each year. Over half a million students participate nationwide. The task is to choose an historical topic related to the annual theme and research it thoroughly. Once the students know about their topic they are able to present their understanding of the information in a variety of ways: an exhibit, a paper, a documentary, a skit, or a website. They present these projects at a local competition and if they are selected as being the best from their category they move on to the state competition. From there, should they win, they have the opportunity to compete in the national competition to be held in June 2011 in Maryland. You can read more about it at www.nhd.org.


Piner High School students participated in the 2010-2011 History Day. We sent 9 students (1 group of 5, 1 group of 2, and 2 individuals). Each of our students advanced to the State competition that will be held the weekend of April 28-May 1 in San Jose, CA.


Nicole Housh introduced this project to Piner last year. This is the second year she has participated with her students and she brought Ms. French in to the mix this year. Last year a few students moved on to the State competition as well.


Many of our students won their categories at the February 26th Sonoma County competitions:

  • Senior - Group - Documentary: Justin Young and Preet Metla (both Juniors, AP U.S. History class), "Illegal Immigration: Love it or fix it", a documentary about the debate over illegal immigration, Teacher Nicole Housh
  • Senior - Group - Exhibit: Bryan Lococo, Clemente Camacho, Jose Manuel Vieyra, Juan Correa, and William Tran (all are Sophomores, Honors World History class), "The Debate Over American Interference In Iran's Nuclear Program", an exhibit about the debate surrounding America's involvement in Iran's nuclear program, Teacher Jeanelle French
  • Senior - Individual - Paper: Matthew Mulligan (Sophomore, Academic World History class), "Censorship in America: A National Debate", a paper discussing the debate surrounding explicit music lyrics and their perceived effects on society, Teacher Nicole Housh
  • Senior - Individual - Website: Jaycee Hatcher (Junior, AP U.S. History class), "Medical Marijuana", a website discussing the debate surrounding the use of Medical Marijuana, Teacher Nicole Housh

The Group Exhibit winners:

Group Exhibit winners

Photo (U-shaped) from left: Juan Correa, Manuel Vieyra, Ms. French, Will Tran, Clemente Camacho, and Bryan LoCoco. Their project is behind them.