Graduation Information

The Class of 2018 Graduation will take place in the stadium of June 1, 2018, at 6:00 p.m. Piner High School has always had a traditional graduation ceremony. This means that we attempt to honor each graduate equally. All students receive the same diploma with due recognition and no distractions. That is the main reason we do not allow graduates and guests to bring noise-makers, signs, balloons, etc. to the ceremony. We ask all guests of graduation to respect and honor our school tradition. We will all celebrate together after the ceremony.


  1. Graduation tickets will be distributed May 23rd through May 31st during student lunch and until 3:30pm after school
  2. Graduation tickets will be distributed from the Business Office.
  3. Each senior may receive six (6) free tickets if all bills and/or obligations are cleared. Parents can purchase up to four (4) extra tickets at $10.00 each (cash only). They will not be sold to students. NO EXCEPTIONS.
  4. Any student needing more than 4 extra tickets must find someone who does not need his/her extra tickets
  5. Graduation tickets will not be given to any student owing a bill at a previous school or at Piner High School
  6. • If you are not cleared for tickets due to owing a fine for a library/textbook: Mrs. Albini will send you (with a clearance form) to the library to clear your bills. Please bring the clearance form back to the business office to pick up your tickets.
    If you owe for other fines: Please pay in cash at the business office.
    If you are on the In Danger of Failing list: The IDF list will be updated every morning. If you are on the list, please come back to the business office the following day to see if your counselor has cleared you. The Business Office will not accept notes from your counselor saying you are clear - the clearance must come from the Vice Principal when the lists are updated in the morning.

As always, thank you for your cooperation in making this the premier graduation exercise in Santa Rosa.


Plan to arrive early for better parking and better seating. Gates open at 5:00 p.m. and admission is by ticket only. There is no reserved seating.


Guests at graduation need to respect the views of others. Picture-taking opportunities will be available before and after the ceremony. It is difficult or even impossible to accommodate the desire of people to take personal or up-close photos or to get near the awards platform. We ask your cooperation and also ask that you pass this information on to guests who use your tickets.