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Medtronic hosted Piner for a STEM Awareness Day - May 2013.

Field trip to Medtronic


Medtronic hosted Piner High students to a STEM Awareness day to present projects and demonstrations of what their engineers and scientists do to create their life saving biomedical devices. Alarming statistics were given to the students that science and technical careers comprise 1 in every 5 US professional careers yet many companies hire outside of the US. Companies like Medtronic are joining others in a national push to increase student enrollment in Science Technology Engineering or Math careers and this day of outreach is their way to motivate students to take the challenge and step up to a STEM career.

A product fair was organized by engineers and scientists to show off the many biomedical devices Medtronic has developed. Students observed and interacted with coronary stents, endovascular stent grafts, percutaneous heart valves, renal denervation systems and various catheter delivery systems. They also poked around the valves of a dissected pig heart, analyzed the caffeine content of power drinks using a gas/mass spectrophotometer and were in awe of a 3D printer that makes moving workable prototypes from a computer assisted drawing.


Many students found the day to be an exciting preview of the science and technology they have to look forward to in their future careers. Many of these students already have a passion for math and science and gained additional insight into the challenges and rewards that await them should they chose to pursue STEM pathways in their future.


Piner High already has three such career pathways in place for their students: Geospatial Technology, Health Science and Biotechnology and MAKE classes with a new MAKE physics program being offered next year. Medtronic is interested in strengthening these pathways and will be offering such a day to other Sonoma County high schools in the future.

Field trip to Medtronic


Field trip to Medtronic


Field trip to Medtronic


Field trip to Medtronic



Piner High School's Health and Science Investigation Pathway is a three year program and is one of Piners best kept secrets! We have our own chapter of HOSA (Health Occupations Students of America), which is a great organization for students interested in careers in the Health field.


HSI Pathway students attended the HOSA Leadership Conference in Sacramento. Congratulations to the Health Education and Sports Medicine teams from our Piner High HOSA chapter. Dave Tran, Tiffany Tran, Holley Maasen, and Yessica Moran showed incredible effort in preparing and competing in our first state conference in Sacramento over the past weekend. We had two of our students on the front stage in front of 1700 other HOSA members from around the state to be recognized as a New and Upcoming Chapter. Next year we hope to bring home the medals. Next up - Diabetes Awareness week and vote for a teacher to kiss a pig!



For more information, contact Judy Barcelon