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Study Guide for Safety and Sanitation Test 1. What are three characteristics that potentially hazardous foods have in common? 2. List all of the foods shown in ServSafe chapter 1 as potentially hazardous foods. 3. List all of the different high risk populations. 4. What are the three main catagories of food safety hazards? 5. Define cross contamination. 6. List three ways cross contamination can occur. 7. What foods have to be cooked or held at each of the following temperatures? a. 165 b. 155 c. 145 d. 135 8. List all the foods associated with salmonella bacteria. 9. If you are a foodhandler, what can you do to help prevent Hepatitis A? 10. What foods might contain parasites? 11. What foods are associated with botulism? 12. List 6 personal hygiene practices that foodhandlers should follow. 13. What are the instances when an employee must be banned from the restaurant? 14. Under what circumstances cana person come to work in a food establishment, but be banned from handling food? 15. Explain the use of each sink in a three compartment sink. 16. What are the ways that you can thaw food safely? 17. Explain the 3 stage cooling process. 18. How should large contaners of food be cooled? 19. To make sure a sanitizer works appropriately, what should you do? 20. List two ways to put out a grease fire, other than using a fire extinguisher. 21. List 3 knife safety rules. 22. List 3 ways to prevent burns in the kitchen.

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