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Student Testimonials

Juan Trejo, Class of 2015

     I am currently attending the Santa Rosa Junior College with plans to transfer to San Francisco State University where I will obtain my bachelor's degree in Business. Looking back, my four years of high school were probably the best four years of my life. I loved everything about Piner High School, the diversity, the teachers, the rigorous academic classes, all of the amazing on campus clubs, and everything in between. Going to Piner High was the best choice that I ever made. I had the choice of going to either Santa Rosa, Windsor, or Piner High. The Piner High Early College Magnet Program (ECMP) is what caught my attention. This program seemed amazing, I would get a college education at the Junior College and not have to pay a single penny out of pocket. No other school I had considered offered a program anything like such. I got amazing preparation through this program for college and it made the transition from Piner to the Junior College incredibly easy for me. I felt extremely prepared my first day of college as I already knew what to expect. Alongside this amazing preparation, Piner also helped me with my leadership skills and helped me build character. I was a member of the Latino Club and Academic Spirit Club. During my years as a member of these clubs I learned how to interact with people as well as be an amazing leader. My teachers and other fellow staff around campus helped me achieve all of my accomplishments and I wouldn't be who I am today without them. Piner prepared me for the real world and I am so glad that I made the choice in attending this school.

Chelsea Wood, Class of 2014

     During my four years at Piner High I found myself. I was able to grow emotionally along side my growth in knowledge. Learning new concepts and testing theories foraged my plans for the future. Experimenting with what I was capable of knowing and stepping out of my boundaries was easy to do at a school that is so accepting of everyone for who they are. I cherish what I was taught and often make connections to what I am learning now. Looking back at myself as a freshman compared to myself now as a freshman at the Santa Rosa Junior College, I am completely different yet exactly the same person. I am so pleased to have gone to Piner where the teachers become family and help you through almost anything. The close knit relationship between faculty and students is amazingly strong at Piner. The spirit at any event could be felt as we collectively worked as one whether it was a sports event or a school clean up. Being at a smaller school like Piner was just what I appreciated the most about it. You are not just another face in the crowd and your opinions do matter. Clubs were easy to form and so I took advantage of that by leading the Environmental Club to assist the PTSA with numerous school beautification days as well as hosting Earth week on campus. Being able to do so allowed me to strengthen my values as well as find out what I am really passionate about. While at Piner I was able to make new friends, be reunited with old ones and form bonds throughout the whole school. I got to experience life from a safe vantage point and so greatly appreciate all that Piner could do for me in every aspect. I will never forget my very first day at Piner. As hectic as it was I knew I would love the next four years here. Memories were created and impressions made and I wouldn't take back a single thing. Thank you so much to everyone who influenced, molded, and encouraged me throughout this one tiny expeditions of my life. However tiny it was I know my time at Piner made a lasting impression on my life forever.

Allison Lopez, Class of 2013

     As a graduate of Piner High School, I cannot be more proud of the person I became because of this school. While at Piner, I took a clear advantage of the Early College Magnet Program which allowed me to take 8 classes at the JC. The rigor of balancing high school classes with college classes is what I believe has prepared me to attend UC Davis in the Fall. Not only is Piner noted for its ECM Program, but the Geospatial Program and Health and Science Program have blossomed as well. By the Fall of 2013, Piner will have a state of the art observatory equipped with a computer lab, wind turbine, and amphitheater. It deserves much recognition, as Piner is the only school in the country with a specialized Geospatial Program. The Health and Science Program is branching out as well. It works directly with hospitals in Santa Rosa. Upon a student's third year in the program, he or she can intern at a hospital in whatever desired field. In tandem with the programs, I believe the best thing about Piner is the people. Throughout my four years of high school, my classes were filled with students of different backgrounds, religions, and beliefs. This exposure to a rare blending of cultures is what I believe gives Piner students a more cohesive alignment with reality. Because of the diverse environment, I've become an accepting and tolerant human being. These are vital values to have in our world today; in fact, these are rare values Piner students possess that can never and will never be reflected by a standardized test. Overall, I believe I was privileged to go to Piner. This school served as the best stepping stone to the next chapter of my life that I can ask for. Although my time at Piner will be missed, I know that I will be able to carry all the lessons I've learned as a Prospector regardless of where my journey takes me.

Andrew Jones, Class of 2012

     Hello my name is Andrew Jones and after graduating from Piner I am now attending the Ohio State University majoring in Athletic Training and minoring in Psychology. If i could describe Piner and the experience I had there in one word it would be astounding. Piner has given me so many opportunities that I could never imagine occurring if i had attended any other high school. This school allowed me to grow as a leader and individual by being a part of ASB and working my way up to becoming the ASB President my senior year. I was also given the opportunity to express myself in many ways by being a part of ceramics, culinary, and being Editor-in-chief of the Yearbook. Piner has given me a wonderful and rigorous education that has been received through the fantastic teachers I was priveledged to learn from. The staff of Piner is also so caring and really focuses on making sure every student is able to learn the material. They are willing to stay after school or even come in on weekends to allow all student an opportunity to meet with them to discuss important topics in the class. Piner is a fantastic school and I view it as a privilege and an honor to state that I am an alumni of Piner High School. I will never forget all of the amazing experiences I had at Piner and wouldn't trade my time here for anything. I know that Piner has developed myself and my fellow graduates into young adults who can be successful at anything we put our minds to. Once a Prospector, always a Prospector! Go Piner!

Jazmin Burmudez, Class of 2011

     A good experience I had at Piner was being a part of Latino Culture Night. I helped out two different years and both times i had a really fun time. I learned many things like patience, organization, and time management. I also made lots of new friends and got closer to my teacher Mr. Castro. It feels so good afterwards when you're done and people are giving you great compliments of how much fun they had. Yes you go through quite a bit of stress but it all pays off the day of the event. I really like the fact that Piner takes the chance to let us (Latinos) embrace our culture and bring some of our customs from home to Piner. I can proudly say I am a Piner Prospector.

Kasey Schalich, Class of 2010

     Attending Piner High School was one of the best academic decisions I have made. The combination of the SRJC Magnet Program and the rigorous AP classes offered allowed me to transfer enough credits to be considered a sophomore my first year at Biola University. I am especially grateful for the science department at Piner, which encouraged me to take classes in Piner's biotechnology pathway and inspired me to become a biochemistry major at Biola. The teachers at Piner are outstanding and demonstrate genuine concerned for the well-being of their students as both people and life-long learners. The Piner community is diverse and interested in building bridges between all cultures and backgrounds. I am completely satisfied with my experience at Piner High School, and I highly recommend that parents and students consider Piner if they desire a top-notch education and inclusive community.

Abbie Hageman, Class of 2009

     My name is Abbie Hageman. I graduated with Piner's Class of 2009. I am now attending my dream school, UCLA, as a pre-med student, majoring in Biology and minoring in African Studies. College has been the best experience of my life thus far. Every day I am so grateful to go to such an amazing university with such distinguished professors. I also joined the UCLA Greek System as a member of the Chi Omega Sorority. Beyond all of the fun social experiences, the Greek system has provided incredible networking and philanthropic opportunities. Not to mention, Los Angeles is a very exciting place to be a college student. Outings such as going to the Santa Monica beaches, shopping at the Grove, going to movie premiers, studying in chic coffee shops, hiking in Malibu, and eating at the many amazing restaurants and bakeries are just a few of the many reasons I love living in L.A.

     None of this would be possible without the foundation that I established at Piner. The phenomenal science department was no doubt a major contributor in motivating me along the pre-med path. The Biotechnology Program was an invaluable experience that helped me to land the unique chance of interning in Memorial Hospital's Cardiac Unit and I was exposed to topics most students don't learn until college. Also, the rigor of the AP courses at Piner truly prepared me for the pace and academic content demanded by my university courses. Collectively, all of the departments at Piner helped mold me into the well-rounded student that colleges are looking for. In fact, it was during a presentation about Somalia in my world history course sophomore year that I realized my curiosity for African Studies and I have pursued it ever since. Even my athletic experience as a volleyball player at Piner has helped me to become the competitive, driven, and perseverant person that I am today.

     The opportunities that come from a Piner education are countless. I really enjoy visiting my former teachers and the campus because I am so grateful for the tremendous influence Piner has had on my life. I don't doubt that Piner will have the same effect on many more of its students, helping them to recognize their potential and achieve their most ambitious goals.