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University Pathway


The University Pathway is designed to help students meet minimum entrance requirements to the UC and CSU systems.  All classes except for P.E, Life Skills, and electives, must be designated as AC (Academic), P (College Prep.) H (Honors), or AP (Advanced Placement). In addition to core graduation requirements, students must complete forty (40) credits in the following areas:

  • One additional year of lab science (10 credits).

  • One additional year of world language in the same language (10 credits).

  • One additional year of advanced math (10 credits).  This is typically Algebra 3-4 and/or Trip/Pre Calculus.

  • One additional year of college-prep. electives  (10 credits).  Must be a yearlong class.


  Subject                    Credit           Additional Information






1 year must be Algebra.  Students can choose the one year or two year Algebra class.



1 year Physical; 1 year Biology.

Social Studies


1 yr. World History; 1 yr. US History; 1 semester Economics & 1 semester Government.

Fine Arts


1 year of the same fine arts course.

World Language


1 year of the same world language. ASL taken at the J.C. may meet this requirement.  See your counselor before enrolling in any classes.



Competing in a J.V. or Varsity sport in grades 10-12 can waive 1 semester.



Additional year of advanced math, world language, lab science, and college prep. elective








About University Pathway Coursework


Required Coursework:  In addition to meeting district requirements for graduation from high school, University Pathway students must also complete coursework that meets the minimum standards for entrance into the UC and CSU systems.  All coursework taken in English, math, science, social studies, fine arts, and world language to meet minimum college entrance requirements must be designated as AC, P, AP, or Honors/H. A class with these designations indicates they are college prep. classes.


Weighted Classes:  UC and CSU will take up to 8 weighted semester classes (four year-long classes).  Four (4) of the eight (8) semester classes (or two year-long classes) may be taken in the 10th grade.  Freshman weighted classes are not considered in the G.P.A. calculation. Private colleges will vary in how they calculate grades and entrance requirements.


Grades of D or F.:  See your counselor if you receive a D or F in any class that is required for college entrance.  Rules vary, but most grades of D must be repeated.  Grades of F must always be repeated.


Online Coursework:  Consult a school counselor when considering online coursework to meet college entrance requirements.  Not all online classes meet college entrance requirements and students are advised to contact the colleges they are applying to for clarification.  In general, it is not recommended to take online coursework to meet college entrance requirements.

General rules include:  1). The college or program that offers online high school coursework must be accredited; 2). The course must meet Piners standards for curriculum; 3). Students who wish to take an online course  to meet college admission requirements should contact the college they are applying to for approval and talk with a school counselor to verify that a course meets college entrance requirements, as well as district graduation requirements.


8th Grade Coursework:  Coursework taken in 8th grade in the subjects of world language and algebra may meet subject requirements for the UC and CSU systems.  See a school counselor for details.


UC and CSU Subject Requirements for Admission


All classes must be designated AC (Academic), P (College Prep.) AP (Advanced Placement)

or H (Honors.)


English                                      4 years

Mathematics                              3 years (4 recommended)

Laboratory Science                     2 years (3 recommended)

World Language                         2 years (3 recommended).  All in the same language.     

History/Social Science                 2 years (World History/US History)

Fine or Performing Arts               1 year of the same subject.

College Prep. Elective                  1 Year of the same subject



University Pathway: Typical Schedule

All classes must be designated AC or P or AP or Honors.

9th Grade: AC Physical Science or Honors Biology w/ Geometry.
AC English
AC Algebra 1-2 or AC Geometry if Algebra is taken in 8th grade.
AC World Language
AC Fine Arts
Elective or PE

10th Grade: AC Biology
AC English
AC Geometry or AC Algebra 3-4 if Geometry taken in 9th.
AC World Language
AC World History
Elective or P.E.

11th Grade: AC Chemistry
AC English
AC Algebra 3-4 or Trig/Pre-Calc if AC Algebra 3-4 taken in 10th
AC US History
AC Fine Arts/College Prep. Elective or 3rd year of World Language.

12th Grade: AC English
AC Government/Economics in spring semester
Trig/Pre-Calc. or Calculus if Trig/Pre-Calc. taken in 11th.
Electives or 4th year of science, world language, or math.

Students have the option of taking honors or AP classes in a variety of subjects. See your counselor or the course catalog for requirements and pre-requisites.

UC Approved Coursework


The following courses offered at Piner meet entrance requirements for the University of California campuses.  The underlined courses receive honors recognition by U.C.  Carefully check the guidelines for your campus of interest to assure you meet all entrance requirements.


a.  History/Social Science

Academic American Government

Academic United States History 1-2

Academic World History 1-2

Honors World History 1-2

United States Government (AP)

United States History 1-2 (AP)

Honors United States History 1-2 (H)


b.  English

Academic English 1-2

Honors English 1-2

Academic English 3-4

Honors English 3-4

Academic English 5-6

Academic English 7-8

Honors English 5-6

English Language & Composition (AP)

English Literature (AP)


c.  Mathematics

Academic Algebra 1-2

Honors Algebra 1-2

Academic Algebra 3-4

Honors Algebra 3-4

Academic Geometry 1-2

Honors Geometry 1-2

Academic Trigonometry/Pre-Calculus

Algebra A 1-2  & B 1-2

       (2 year sequence equiv. to Algebra I)

Calculus A/B (AP)    

Honors Trigonometry/Pre-Calculus (H)          

AP Statistics (AP)

Sheltered Algebra 1-2


d.   Laboratory Science

Academic Biology 1-2

Biology 1-2 (AP)

Honors Biology 1-2 (H)


Honors Chemistry 1-2 (H)


Physics 1-2 (AP)

Honors Senior Science Seminar (H)

e.  World Languages

French 1-2

French 3-4

Honors French 3-4

French 5-6

Honors French 5-6 (H)

French 7-8

Spanish 1-2

Spanish 3-4

Honors Spanish 3-4

Spanish 5-6

Honors Spanish 5-6 (H)

Spanish 7-8

Spanish for Spanish Speakers 1-2

Spanish for Spanish Speakers 3-4

Spanish Language (AP)


f.   Visual/Performing Arts

Art (AP)

Art 1-2

Art 3-4

Art 5-6

Concert Band (Academic)

Concert Choir (Academic)

Treble Choir

Vocal Ensemble

Drama 1-2

Drama 3-4

Instrumental Music

Film Studies 1-2

Fundamental Video/Multimedia Prod.

Ceramics 1-2

Ceramics 3-4


g.   Elective Courses

Academic Economics

Academic Physical Science 1-2

Economics - Macro (AP)

Environmental Biology (Academic)

Public Speaking

Intro to Biotech/Health Services 1-2

Applications in Biotech/Health Services 3-4

Journalism (Academic)

Space Science