Piner High Yearbook

Get your yearbook before it sells out! Our full-color, award winning yearbook is currently on sale for $85. You can purchase your yearbook in the business office and pay with a check or cash. Or, you can purchase your yearbook online at www.jostensyearbooks.com and pay with a credit card. Get yours before prices go up!

Senior Ads


Parents can turn in their advertisement with payments through January 15th. This year we are offering a discount to anyone who turns in their SENIOR BABY ADS by OCTOBER 23rd (see below). Please note: The discount ONLY applies to ads that are turned in complete with text and pictures by the October 23rd due date! The prices for the ads are:

  • Message only (2lines): $20 (before 10/23), $50 (after 10/23)
  • 1/8 page: $65 (before 10/23), $75 (after 10/23)
  • 1/4 page: $80 (before 10/23), $100 (after 10/23)
  • 1/2 page: $145 (before 10/23), $175 (after 10/23)
  • Full page: $260 (before 10/23), $300 (after 10/23)

You can design the page or give it to the Yearbook Staff Member to create for you. Parents who have questions should contact the Business Office at (707) 528-5573 or email pinerhsyearbook@gmail.com or bpedersen@srcs.k12.ca.us. Fill out the form and return to Brian Pedersen, in room D10 or the office to put in his box. Include the pictures you want in the ad, as well as what words you'd like to share with your favorite senior. Please make checks payable to "Piner High School"! Payment is due at the time of submission. Also please sign the back of this form!

Senior Ads!

Due Jan 15th

One wonderful yearbook tradition is that of senior ads. These ads are a chance for family and friends to recognize all the wonderful memories you have shared together. Parents often purchase these as a surprise gift to their senior children, but they arenít the only ones who can. Both friends and family can document their years of memories with these ads. This year we are offering a discount to any parent who turns in a complete Senior Baby Ad by October 23rd. The discount only applies to complete ads with text and photos.


Senior Photos


2015 Announcement- Every Senior will be required to use Mel O. Photos for their formal senior yearbook picture. You can take your pictures at her studio or on campus (dates TBD). The minimum sitting fee is $10. You will receive 4 images to choose from for your yearbook photo. Extended sessions are also available. Check out her website at www.melophotos.com


Each Senior is required to wear the traditional drape or tux for their picture (these are provided by Mel O. Photos).


We are also offering a "Personality Photo" page for informal senior pictures on a first come, first serve basis. The requirements are:

  • They must be taken by a professional photographer (or must appear to be taken by one)
  • They can be in any outfit/pose you want as long as it is school appropriate
  • You can only include a "Personality Photo" if you have submitted a formal senior picture
  • You are responsible for turning them into the yearbook on or before December 3rd, 2013, no exceptions!

Questions? Contact the PHS Business Office at 707-528-5573 or email pinerhsyearbook@gmail.com. Mel O. Photos at 707-479-7876 or melissa@melophotos.com.


Recommended Photography Studios

Mel O. Photos
(707) 479-7876

Robert Pierce
(707) 528-0850

Oz Photography
(707) 528-1508


  If you have any questions please contact the PHS Business Office at 707-528-5573 or email pinerhsyearbook@gmail.com